Humanitarian Engineering


  • Graduate Certificate in Humanitarian Engineering and Science
  • Master of Science in Humanitarian Engineering and Science (Thesis and Non-Thesis options).

Program Description

The MS degrees in Humanitarian Engineering and Science (HES) are a professional MS (non-thesis) and a thesis-based MS. These degrees are targeted to recent graduates or mid-career professionals with a BS in science and engineering who are interested in careers, research opportunities, and/or acquiring skills that will help them work effectively with communities. The degrees include a core HES curriculum plus an approved track of related courses in a science or engineering discipline.

The HES graduate certificate is designed for professionals seeking to attend school part-time or students who are seeking degrees in other departments at Mines but still desire graduate training in humanitarian engineering and science. It consists of four courses.

In both the master’s degrees and graduate certificate, a unique mix of social science, applied science, and engineering perspectives prepares students to apply knowledge about the earth to promote more sustainable and just uses of water, energy, and other earth resources and to understand and mitigate potential hazards.

To achieve the Master of Science (MS) degree, students may elect the Non-Thesis option, based exclusively upon coursework and a practicum, or the Thesis option. The thesis option is comprised of coursework in combination with individual research performed under the guidance of two faculty advisors and presented in a written thesis approved by the student’s committee. HES students have academic advisors from both the Engineering, Design & Society Department and their disciplinary track (Environmental Engineering, Geological Engineering, or Geophysics). The thesis-based MS usually takes two years to complete, while the non-thesis MS can often be completed in one year.

For more information on program curriculum please refer to the HES website:


Jessica Smith

Program Director

Jessica Smith, Associate Professor, Engineering, Design & Society

Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Junko Munakata Marr, Associate Professor and Department Head

Department of Engineering, Design & Society

Stephanie Claussen, Research Professor

Juan Lucena, Professor and Director, Humanitarian Engineering Undergraduate Programs

Carrie McClelland, Teaching Professor

Kevin Moore, Professor and Executive Director of Humanitarian Engineering

Dean Nieusma, Associate Professor and Department Head

Elizabeth Reddy, Teaching Assistant Professor

Jessica Smith, Associate Professor

Department of Electrical Engineering

Kathryn Johnson, Professor

Kevin Moore, Professor and Executive Director of Humanitarian Engineering

Department of Geology and Geological Engineering

Paul Santi, Professor

Department of Geophysics

Richard Krahenbuhl, Research Assistant Professor

Jeffrey Shragge, Associate Professor

Department of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences

Jon Leydens, Professor

Department of Mining Engineering

Nicole Smith, Assistant Professor

Affiliate Faculty

Chris Anderson, Principal of Yirri Global