Colorado School of Mines Catalog

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Mission, Vision and Values

Colorado statutes define the role of the Colorado School of Mines as: The Colorado School of Mines shall be a specialized baccalaureate and graduate research institution with high admission standards. The Colorado School of Mines shall have a unique mission in energy, mineral, and materials science and engineering and associated engineering and science fields. The school shall be the primary institution of higher education offering energy, mineral and materials science and mineral engineering degrees at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. (Colorado revised Statutes: Section 23-41-105).

The Board of Trustees of the Colorado School of Mines has elaborated on this statutory role with the following statement of the School's mission, vision and values.


Education and research in engineering and science to solve the world's challenges related to the earth, energy and the environment

  • Colorado School of Mines educates students and creates knowledge to address the needs and aspirations of the world's growing population.
  • Mines embraces engineering, the sciences, and associated fields related to the discovery and recovery of the Earth's resources, the conversion of resources to materials and energy, development of advanced processes and products, fundamental knowledge and technologies that support the physical and biological sciences, and the economic, social and environmental systems necessary for a sustainable global society.
  • Mines empowers, and holds accountable, its faculty, students, and staff to achieve excellence in its academic programs, its research, and in its application of knowledge for the development of technology.


Mines will be the premier institution, based on the impact of its graduates and research programs, in engineering and science relating to the earth, energy and the environment

  • Colorado School of Mines is a world-renowned institution that continually enhances its leadership in educational and research programs that serve constituencies throughout Colorado, the nation, and the world.
  • Mines is widely acclaimed as an educational institution focused on stewardship of the earth, development of materials, overcoming the earth's energy challenges, and fostering environmentally sound and sustainable solutions.


A student-centered institution focused on education that promotes collaboration, integrity, perseverance, creativity, life-long learning, and a responsibility for developing a better world

  • The Mines student graduates with a strong sense of integrity, intellectual curiosity, demonstrated ability to get a job done in collaborative environments, passion to achieve goals, and an enhanced sense of responsibility to promote positive change in the world.
  • Mines is committed to providing a quality experience for students, faculty, and staff through student programs, excellence in pedagogy and research, and an engaged and supportive campus community.
  • Mines actively promotes ethical and responsible behaviors as a part of all aspects of campus life.

(Colorado School of Mines Board of Trustees, 2013)