Colorado School of Mines Catalog

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The role and mission of Mines is defined by the State legislature and as such is codified in Colorado State Statute to be:

The Colorado School of Mines shall be a specialized baccalaureate and graduate research institution with high admission standards. The Colorado School of Mines shall have a unique mission in energy, mineral, and materials science and engineering and associated engineering and science fields. The school shall be the primary institution of higher education offering energy, mineral and materials science and mineral engineering degrees at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. (Colorado revised Statutes: Section 23-41-105).

In addition to the formal statement on the role and mission of Mines, the Board of Trustees elaborated upon Mines' statutory role: 

Mines Mission

Education and research in engineering, science and business to solve the world’s most pressing challenges, particularly those related to the Earth, energy and the environment

Colorado School of Mines educates students and advances knowledge in science, technology, engineering and mathematics to address the ever-growing challenges, demands and aspirations of today’s world. With cutting-edge classroom and lab experiences, trailblazing research and future-focused ideas, Mines empowers its students, faculty and staff to achieve excellence and push the boundaries of what is possible.


Mines will be the premier institution for engineering and science, based on the impact of its students, graduates and research programs.

Colorado School of Mines is a world-renowned institution that continually enhances its leadership in education and research to serve and advance industry, government agencies and communities around the world. By maximizing its top-ranked academic programs, close industry connections, cutting-edge research and a global alumni network, Mines is the go-to place for distinction and expertise in both established and emerging engineering and scientific fields.