Summary of Changes from Previous Year

Material Handbook Changes Approved by Board of Trustees

Subject Description Hanbook Sections
Faculty Descriptions and Classifications Section 4.1.2 reorganized to create a more logical structure of the various categories of faculty. Several of the changes relocated existing content. 4.1.2
Added statement clarifying that Teaching Faculty, Professors of Practice, Library Faculty, and Research Faculty are Academic Faculty. 4.1.2 A, B, C, D
Updated PoP language to reflect current practice. 4.1.2 B
RF language updated to provide more specificity. 4.1.2 D
Research Support Clarifications Postdoc language updated. 4.1.2 E
Research Associate language significantly updated.
Research Support split into Research Support (I-V), Research Administrative Professional, and Research Technical Professional based on guidance from HR.
Affiliate Faculty redundanty language removed.
Role of Adjunct Faculty Adjunct language updated - clarifying roles and limitations 4.1.2 F
Distinguished University Professor Replaced Trustees Professorship with Distinguished University Professor. 4.1.9 A
University Librarian Reporting Structure Elimination of reporting line specifics from faculty rank and title descriptions. 4.1.9 B
Minimum Qualifications Merged Sections 4.4 through 4.8 into a single section 4.4 that specifies minimum qualifications. The structure of the new Section 4.4 mirrors that of Section 4.1. 4.4 - 4.8
Changes/additions made to Research Associate Professor and Research Professor (professional recognition removed), Research Associate, Research Support positions, and Postdocs.
Professor of Practice Appointments Merged Professor of Practice with other Faculty Appointments to reflect current practice. 4.5.1 B (deleted), 4.5.1 A (merged)
Faculty Service Requirements New language characterizing types of activities that meet a faculty member's service responsibilities. 6.1.3 C
Composition of P&T Committee for Joint Appointments Clarification of eligibility for faculty with internal joint appointments to serve on departmental P&T committees. 8.1.3, 8.2.2
Research Faculty Promotion Criteria Streamlined Research Faculty promotion process to be consistent with revisions on minimum qualifications (no external letters). 8.3.4
Title Clean-Ups Routine clean-up of titles since the most recent Mines restructuring. 12
Assessment Committee Revised Assessment Committee language. 12.11

Non-Material Handbook Changes Approved by President

Subject Description Hanbook Sections
Mines Organizational Structure Changed "to be supplied" to "available on Academic Affairs website" 2