10.2 Petroleum Institute Semester Policy and Guidelines for Faculty

This policy applies to full time academic faculty from the Colorado School of Mines (“CSM”) who as a part of their normal academic duties are assigned by CSM to the Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi (“PI”).  For purposes of this policy, full-time academic faculty are defined as persons holding the following ranks:

  • Instructor
  • Lecturer
  • Senior Lecturer
  • Assistant Professor
  • Associate Professor
  • Professor


The Colorado School of Mines and the Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi are engaged in a project to develop a new university dedicated to education and research in the sciences and technologies that support the petroleum industries in the Arabian Gulf region.  As a part of this academic partnership, CSM is bound contractually to assist the PI in developing curriculum for its undergraduate and graduate degree programs.  To this end, it is desirable and mutually beneficial that CSM faculty be encouraged to spend an academic term at the PI teaching and developing curriculum.  While on assignment at the PI, the CSM faculty member will not engage in any administrative duties.

Faculty who are eligible for sabbatical leave may apply to the PI for sabbatical placement following the normal guidelines as outlined in the CSM Faculty Handbook (Section 10.10).  From time to time, faculty who either are not eligible for sabbatical leave or choose not to use sabbatical for this purpose may elect, at the discretion of the PI and CSM, to be assigned from CSM to the PI for up to one semester.  This policy addresses the terms and conditions of such appointments.

Procedure for Application

CSM faculty wishing to apply under this policy must first obtain a letter of invitation from the Chief Academic Officer of the PI.  The CSM faculty member must then write a brief proposal that describes the proposed activities during the time spent at the PI.  This proposal must stress the benefits that will accrue to both the faculty member and CSM as a result of this appointment.  The Department Head of the applicant’s department will be required to endorse the faculty member’s application, including an explanation of how the applicant’s duties will be covered in his/her absence.  The endorsed proposal will be forwarded to Academic Affairs, and if deemed meritorious, the proposal will be approved by the Provost and forwarded to the Board of Trustees for final approval.  Upon return from the PI, the faculty member shall submit a report to the Board, including a summary of his or her activities while on assignment at the PI and the benefits derived by the faculty member and CSM.


A CSM faculty assigned to the PI will be paid by CSM, and will remain a full-time member of the academic faculty of CSM with all of the rights and privileges pertaining thereto. The faculty member will continue to accrue PERA benefits.  CSM will invoice the PI for the faculty member’s salary, benefits, and institutional overhead at the off-campus rate.     

Last Revision:

July 2, 2014