3.11 Business Card Protocol

Business cards should only be used if the holder of the cards has a current appointment. Business cards should indicate the rank of the appointment for both tenure-tenure-track and non tenure-line faculty, as described in the appointment or contract letter, and adhering strictly to the ranks described in Section 4 of the Faculty Handbook. Faculty holding a PE license wishing to include this certification as part of their business card must also include an indication as to the state from which the license was granted.

Institutional requirements of, and the procedure for purchasing business cards are defined on the Public Relations website (https://www.mines.edu/communications/resources/).

Business cards for graduate students should only be used if the student is registered in a graduate program at Mines.  Business cards must indicate that the holder is a graduate student and must identify the degree program and department of residence.  The Graduate Student Government Association facilitates the purchase of business cards for graduate students.

Last Revision:

December 20, 2019