Student Life


Student Center

The Ben H. Parker Student Center contains the offices for the Vice President of Student Life, Student Activities and Greek Life, Student Government (USG and GSG), Financial Aid, Bursar and Cashier, International Office, Career Center, Graduate Studies, Registrar, Campus Events, and student organizations.  The Student Center also contains The Periodic Table food court, bookstore, student lounges, meeting rooms, and banquet facilities.

Student Recreation Center

Completed in May 2007, the 108,000 square foot Student Recreation Center, located at the corner of 16th and Maple Streets in the heart of campus, provides a wide array of facilities and programs designed to meet student's recreational and leisure needs while providing for a healthy lifestyle. The Center contains a state-of-the-art climbing wall, an eight-lane, 25 meter swimming and diving pool, a cardiovascular and weight room, two multi-purpose rooms designed and equipped for aerobics, dance, martial arts programs and other similar activities, a competition gymnasium containing three full-size basketball courts as well as seating for 2500 people, a separate recreation gymnasium designed specifically for a wide variety of recreational programs, extensive locker room and shower facilities, and a large lounge intended for relaxing, playing games or watching television. In addition to housing the Outdoor Recreation Program as well as the Intramurals and Club Sports Programs, the Center serves as the competition venue for the Intercollegiate Men and Women's Basketball Programs, the Intercollegiate Volleyball Program and the Men and Women's Intercollegiate Swimming and Diving Program.

W. Lloyd Wright Student Wellness Center

The W. Lloyd Wright Student Wellness Center, 1770 Elm Street, houses several health and wellness programs for Mines students: the Coulter Student Health Center, the Student Health Insurance Plan, the Counseling Center, the Dental Clinic and Disability Support Services. The Wellness Center is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, during the fall and spring semesters.  Check the website for summer and holiday hours.  The Wellness Center follows the delay and closure schedule set for the campus.  

Coulter Student Health Center: Services are provided to all students who have paid the student health services fee. The Coulter Student Health Center (phone 303-273-3381, FAX 303-273-3623) is located on the first floor of the W. Lloyd Wright Student Wellness Center at the corner of 18th and Elm Streets (1770 Elm Street). Nurse practitioners and registered nurses provide services by appointment Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm to 4:45 pm. Family medicine physicians provide services by appointment several days a week. After hours students can call New West Physicians at (303) 278-4600 to speak to the physician on call (identify yourself as a Mines student). The Health Center offers primary health care. For X-rays, specialists or hospital care, students are referred to appropriate providers in the community. More information is available at

Immunization Requirement: The State of Colorado requires that all students enrolled have proof of two MMR vaccines (Measles, Mumps and Rubella). A blood test showing immunity to all three diseases is acceptable. History of disease is not acceptable.  Proof of a Meningococcal vaccine given within the past five years is required of all students living in campus housing.  Exemptions to these requirements may be honored with proper documentation.  Completion of the Tuberculosis Questionnaire is required, testing may be required.

Dental Clinic: The Dental Clinic is located on the second floor of the W. Lloyd Wright Wellness Center. Services include cleanings, restoratives, and x-rays.  Students who have paid the student health services fee are eligible for this service. The dental clinic is open Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays during the academic year with limited hours during the summer.  Services are by appointment only and can be made by calling the Dental Clinic, phone 303-273-3377.  Dental care is on a fee-for-service basis.   The Dental Clinic accepts cash or checks, as well as credit/debit cards.

Fees: Students are charged a mandatory health services fee each semester, which allows them access to services at the Health Center and Dental Clinic. 

Student Health Insurance Plan: The SHIP office is located on the second floor of the W. Lloyd Wright Student Wellness Center.

Adequate Health Insurance Requirement: All degree seeking U.S. citizen and permanent resident students, and all international students regardless of degree status, are required to have health insurance. Students are automatically enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan and may waive coverage if they have coverage under a personal or employer plan that meets minimum requirements. International students must purchase the SHIP, unless they meet specific requirements. Information about the Mines Student Health Insurance Plan, as well as the criteria for waiving, is available online at or by calling 303.273.3388. Enrollment confirmation or waiver of the Mines Student Health Insurance Plan is done online. The deadline to submit a waiver is Census Day.

Counseling Center: Located on the second floor of the W. Lloyd Wright Student Wellness Center, phone 303-273-3377.  Individual mental health counseling is offered on a short-term basis to enrolled Mines students who have paid the student services fee. In cases where a student requires long term or specialized counseling, referrals are made to local providers. The Counseling Center also provides workshops, groups and online tools and resources. More information is available at

Disability Support Services: Disability Support Services provides students with disabilities an equal opportunity to access the institution’s courses, programs and activities.  To request disability accommodations and learn more about services available at Mines, please visit  Located on the second floor of the W. Lloyd Wright Student Wellness Center, phone 303-273-3377. 


Academic Advising & Support Services

Center for Academic Services and Advising (CASA)

Academic Advising: All students entering CSM are assigned an Academic Advising Coordinator. This assignment is made by last name. This Coordinator serves as the student’s academic advisor until they formally declare their major or intended degree. This declaration occurs in their sophomore year. Incoming students have only noted an interest and are not declared. 

The Coordinators will host individual, walk-in, and group advising sessions throughout the semester. Students unsure of their academic path (which major to choose) should work with their Coordinator to explore all different options.

Students are also encouraged to utilize the CASA Peer Advisors.  Students may walk-in and speak with a fellow student on various issues pertaining to course registration, course enrollment, majors, and minors. 

The Registrar's Office creates the first-semester schedule for incoming transfer students.  CASA advises undecided transfer students during their first year who have successfully completed 30.0 or more semester hours.

CSM101:  The First-Year Symposium, CSM101, is a required, credit-bearing class. CSM101 aims to facilitate the transition from high school to college; create community among peers and upper-class students; assess and monitor academic progress; and provide referrals to appropriate campus resources. CSM101 is taught by 45 professional staff members (including faculty) and 90 Peer Mentor students.

Transfer students who have successfully completed fewer than 30.0 transcripted semester hours at an institution of higher education after high school graduation will automatically be enrolled in the First-Year Advising and Mentoring Program in their first semester at CSM. 

Tutoring Services: CASA offers weekly tutoring services for all core-curriculum courses. Our services run Sunday through Thursday and are hosted in CASA and the Library.There is more information about tutoring services available via our website at

Academic Support Services: Routinely, CASA offers great support workshops and events. CASA hosts pre-finals workshops as well as mid-term exam prep session. As well, students can work with our staff to develop the skills and technique of studying well in college – such as test-prep and cognitive learning development.

Academic Coaching: Students can work with our staff to develop the skills and technique of studying well in college – such as test-prep and cognitive learning development, in a one-on-one setting.

Core Supplemental Instruction (CSI): First-Year students are encouraged to attend our CSI workshops. These workshops run concurrent to many of the first-year classes (Calc, Chem, Physics, etc.) and reiterate/strengthen material taught in class. They are offered in the evening and are free to all students.

Faculty in CASA: Faculty from various departments host their regular office hours in CASA. Students are encouraged to utilize these professors for assistance with material and/or questions on course planning.

Website and Additional Services: In addition to the aforementioned services, CASA offers assistance with readmission to the institution, intensive academic support programs, and specialized courses in spatial modeling and visualization.

CASA maintains an extensive website with resources, helpful tips, and guides. Check out CASA at

Motor Vehicles Parking

All motor vehicles on campus must be registered with the campus Parking Services Division of Facilities Management, 1318 Maple Street, and must display a CSM parking permit. Vehicles must be registered at the beginning of each semester or upon bringing your vehicle on campus, and updated whenever you change your address.

Public Safety

The Colorado School of Mines Department of Public Safety is a full service, community oriented law enforcement agency, providing 24/7 service to the campus. It is the mission of the Colorado School of Mines Police Department to make the Mines campus the safest campus in Colorado.

The department is responsible for providing services such as:

  • Proactive patrol of the campus and its facilities
  • Investigation and reporting of crimes and incidents
  • Motor vehicle traffic and parking enforcement
  • Crime and security awareness programs
  • Alcohol / Drug abuse awareness / education
  • Self defense classes
  • Consultation with campus departments for safety and security matters
  • Additional services to the campus community such as: vehicle unlocks and jumpstarts, community safe walks (escorts), authorized after-hours building and office access, and assistance in any medical, fire, or other emergency situation.

The police officers employed by the Department of Public Safety are fully trained police officers in accordance with the Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) Board and the Colorado Revised Statute.

More information on the Mines Police Department is available at:

Career Center

The Mines Career Center mission is to assist students in developing, evaluating, and/or implementing career, education, and employment decisions and plans. Career development is integral to the success of Mines graduates and to the mission of Mines.

Students and recent graduates who develop, utilize and apply the services offered by the Mines Career Center’s will be educated, coached and empowered to conduct a strategic, personalized career exploration and ethical job search that highlights the passions, skills and strengths of each individual. In addition, students are offered opportunities to engage with companies and organization in a variety of forums to enhance their professional knowledge and diversity of career prospects.

Services are provided to all students and for all recent graduates, up to 24 months after graduation. Students must adhere to the ethical and professional business and job searching practices as stated in the Career Center Student Policy, which can be found in its entirety on the Student's Homepage of DiggerNet. In order to accomplish our mission, we provide a comprehensive array of career services:

Career, Planning, Advice, and Counseling

  • “The Mines Strategy" a practical, user-friendly career manual with interview strategies, resume and cover letter examples, career exploration ideas, and job search tips;
  • Online resources for exploring careers and employers at;
  • Individual job search advice, resume and cover letter critiques;
  • Practice video-taped interviews;
  • Job Search Workshops - successful company research, interviewing, resumes, professional branding, networking skills;
  • CSM250: Engineering Your Career Path course;
  • Information on applying to grad school;
  • Career resource library.

Job Resources and Events

  • Career Day (Fall and Spring);
  • Online job search system: DiggerNet;
  • Job search assistance for on-campus jobs (work-study / student worker);
  • Online and in-person job search assistance for internships, CO-OPs, and full-time entry-level job postings;
  • On-Campus Student Worker Job Fair (Fall and Spring);
  • Virtual Career Fairs and special recruiting events;
  • On-campus interviewing - industry and government representatives visit the campus to interview students and explain employment opportunities;
  • General employment board;
  • Company research resource;
  • Cooperative Education Program.

Identification Cards (Blaster Card Office)

All new students must have a Blaster Card made as soon as possible after they enroll. The Blaster Card office also issues RTD College Passes, which allow students to ride RTD buses and light rail free of charge. Students can replace lost, stolen, or damaged Blaster Cards for a small fee.

The Blaster Card can be used for student meal plans, to check material out of the Arthur Lakes Library, to access certain electronic doors, and may be required to attend various campus activities. 

Student Publications

Two student publications are published at CSM by the Associated Students of CSM. Opportunities abound for students wishing to participate on the staffs. A Board of Student Media acts in an advisory capacity to the publications staffs and makes recommendations on matters of policy.

The Oredigger is the student newspaper, published weekly during the school year. It contains news, features, sports, letters and editorials of interest to students, faculty, and the Golden community.

The literary magazine, High Grade, is published each semester. Contributions of poetry, short stories, drawings, and photographs are encouraged from students, faculty and staff.

Veterans Services

The Registrar’s Office provides academic certification services for veteran students attending the School and using educational benefits from the Veterans Administration.  Additional non-academic services are provided through the Dean of Student's Office.


Student Activities, Involvement, and Leadership (SAIL)

Student Activities, Involvement, and Leadership (SAIL) coordinates the various activities and student organizations on the Mines campus. Student government, professional societies, living groups, honor societies, interest groups and special events add a balance to the academic side of the CSM community. Participants take part in management training, event planning, and leadership development. To obtain an up-to-date listing of the recognized campus organizations or more information about any of these organizations, contact the SAIL office.

Student Government

The Associated Students of Colorado School of Mines (ASCSM) is sanctioned by the Board of Trustees of the School. The purpose of ASCSM is, in part, to advance the interest and promote the welfare of CSM and all of the students and to foster and maintain harmony among those connected with or interested in the School, including students, alumni, faculty, trustees and friends.  Undergraduate Student Government (USG) and Graduate Student Government (GSG) are the governing bodies recognized by CSM through ASCSM as the representative voice of their respective student bodies. The goal of these groups is to improve the quality of education and offer social programming and academic support.

Through funds collected as student fees, ASCSM strives to ensure a full social and academic life for all students with its organizations, publications, and special events. As the representative governing body of the students ASCSM provides leadership and a strong voice for the student body, enforces policies enacted by the student body, works to integrate the various campus organizations, and promotes the ideals and traditions of the School.

The Mines Activity Council (MAC) serves as the campus special events board. The majority of all-student campus events are planned by MAC. Events planned by MAC include comedy shows to the campus on most Fridays throughout the academic year, events such as concerts, hypnotists, and one time specialty entertainment; discount tickets to local sporting events, theater performances, and concerts, movie nights bringing blockbuster movies to the Mines campus; and E-Days and Homecoming.

Special Events

Engineering Days festivities are held each spring. The three day affair is organized entirely by students. Contests are held in drilling, hand-spiking, mucking, and oil-field olympics to name a few. Additional events include a huge fireworks display, the Ore-Cart Pull to the Colorado State Capitol, the awarding of scholarships to outstanding Colorado high school seniors and a concert.

Homecoming weekend is one of the high points of the year.  Events include a football rally and game, campus decorations, election of Homecoming queen and beast, parade, burro race, and other contests.

International Day is planned and conducted by the International Student Council and the International Student and Scholar Services Office. It includes exhibits and programs designed to further the cause of understanding among the countries of the world. The international dinner and entertainment have come to be one of the campus social events of the year.

Outdoor Recreation Program

The Outdoor Recreation Program is housed at the Student Recreation Center. The Program teaches classes in outdoor activities; rents mountain bikes, climbing gear, backpacking and other equipment; and sponsors day and weekend activities such as camping, snowshoeing, rock climbing, and mountaineering.

Residence Hall Association (RHA)

Residence Hall Association (RHA) is a student-run organization developed to coordinate and plan activities for students living in the Residence Halls. Its membership is represented by students from each residence hall floor. Officers are elected each fall for that academic year. For more information, go to RHA.

Student Organizations

For a complete list of all currently registered student organizations, please visit the Student Activities office or website at

Social Fraternities and Sororities - There are seven national fraternities and four national sororities active on the CSM campus. Fraternities and Sororities offer the unique opportunity of leadership, service to one’s community, and fellowship. Greeks are proud of the number of campus leaders, athletes and scholars that come from their ranks. Colorado School of Mines chapters are:

  • Alpha Phi
  • Alpha Tau Omega
  • Beta Theta Pi
  • Kappa Alpha Theta
  • Kappa Sigma
  • Phi Gamma Delta
  • Pi Beta Phi
  • Sigma Alpha Epsilon
  • Sigma Kappa
  • Sigma Nu
  • Sigma Phi Epsilon

Honor Societies - Honor societies recognize the outstanding achievements of their members in the areas of scholarship, leadership, and service. Each of the CSM honor societies recognizes different achievements in our students.

Special Interest Organizations - Special interest organizations meet the special and unique needs of the CSM student body by providing co-curricular activities in specific areas.

International Student Organizations - The International Student Organizations provide the opportunity to experience a little piece of a different culture while here at Mines, in addition to assisting the students from that culture adjust to the Mines campus.

Professional Societies - Professional Societies are generally student chapters of the national professional societies. As a student chapter, the professional societies offer a chance for additional professional development outside the classroom through guest speakers, trips, and interactive discussions about the current activities in the profession. Additionally, many of the organizations offer internship, fellowship and scholarship opportunities.

Recreational Organizations - The recreation organizations provide the opportunity for students with similar interests to participate as a group in these recreational activities. Most of the recreational organizations compete on both the local and regional levels at tournaments throughout the year.

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