3.1 Role of the Committee

Commencing at the beginning of the fall semester of each academic year, the Handbook Committee shall meet on a regular basis to review the Handbook and discuss possible revisions.  The Handbook Committee shall consider proposed Handbook revisions suggested by individual committee members or any Mines-affiliated individual or group and make recommendations thereon to the President.  All such suggestions from Mines-affiliated individuals or groups should be submitted in writing to the Office of Academic Affairs for distribution to Handbook Committee members.  If the Handbook Committee regards a set of recommended Handbook modifications to be sufficiently comprehensive, it shall suggest to the President that a new edition of the Handbook be published.  All proposed modifications to the Handbook that have been recommended by the Handbook Committee shall be forwarded to the President, the Faculty Senate, and the Administrative Faculty Council for review and comment.  If the Faculty Senate or the Administrative Faculty Council are opposed to any Handbook modification proposed by the Handbook Committee, the disputed issue shall be referred back to the Handbook Committee for discussion and reconsideration.  If a consensus cannot be reached after appropriate discussion between the Handbook Committee and the opposed group, a conciliation committee shall be appointed as set forth in Section 3.4.  [The status, role, and membership of the Handbook Committee is defined in Section 12.4.]