9.7 Resignation

Resignation is an action by which an exempt employee voluntarily severs his or her employment relationship with Mines.

9.7.1 Resignation Procedure

In order to constitute formal notice to Mines, an exempt employee's resignation shall be in the form of a letter or other written document submitted to his or her immediate supervisor.  The supervisor shall provide the employee a written acceptance of the resignation. The resignation of a faculty member shall be effective on the date specified in the letter of resignation, or such other date as may be mutually agreed upon by the faculty member and Mines in writing.

9.7.2 Requested Notice

Because of the extreme hardship that may be caused by an untimely resignation, it is requested that an exempt employee provide notice of his or her intention to resign to his or her supervisor as early as possible.  For tenured, tenure-track, and teaching faculty, it is expected that, except in unusual circumstances, a resignation will be effective at the end of an academic year, i.e., the date of spring commencement.