The Graduate School


Unique Programs

Because of its special focus, Colorado School of Mines has unique programs in many fields. For example, Mines is the only institution in the world that offers doctoral programs in all five of the major earth science disciplines: Geology and Geological Engineering, Geophysics, Geochemistry, Mining Engineering, and Petroleum Engineering. It also has one of the few Metallurgical and Materials Engineering programs in the country that still focuses on the complete materials cycle from mineral processing to finished advanced materials.

In addition to the traditional programs defining the institutional focus, Mines is pioneering both undergraduate and graduate interdisciplinary programs. The School understands that solutions to the complex problems involving global processes and quality of life issues require cooperation among scientists, engineers, economists, and the humanities.

Mines offers interdisciplinary programs in areas such as materials science, hydrology, nuclear engineering and geochemistry. These programs make interdisciplinary connections between traditional fields of engineering, physical science and social science, emphasizing a broad exposure to fundamental principles while cross-linking information from traditional disciplines to create the insight needed for breakthroughs in the solution of modern problems. Additional interdisciplinary degree programs may be created by Mines' faculty as need arises and offered with the degree title "Interdisciplinary". Currently, one additional interdisciplinary degree is offered through this program. It is a specialty offering in operations research with engineering.

Lastly, Mines offers a variety of non-thesis Professional Master's degrees to meet the career needs of working professionals in Mines' focus areas.

Graduate Degrees Offered

Mines offers professional master's, master of science (M.S.), master of engineering (M.E.) and doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees in the disciplines listed in the chart.

In addition to master's and Ph.D. degrees, departments and divisions can also offer graduate certificates. Graduate certificates are designed to have selective focus, short time to completion, and consist of course work only.


Mines is accredited through the doctoral degree by:
     The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of the North Central Association
     230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500
     Chicago, Illinois 60604-1413
     telephone (312) 263-0456

The Engineering Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology
     111 Market Place, Suite 1050
     Baltimore, MD 21202-4012
     telephone (410) 347-7700

The Engineering Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology accredits undergraduate degree programs in chemical engineering, engineering, engineering physics, geological engineering, geophysical engineering, metallurgical and materials engineering, mining engineering and petroleum engineering. The American Chemical Society has approved the degree program in the Department of Chemistry and Geochemistry.

Degree Programs Prof. M.S. M.E. Ph.D. Cert.
Advanced Manufacturing x x
Applied Mathematics and Statistics x x
Applied Physics x x
Chemical & Biological Engineering x x
Chemistry x
Applied Chemistry x
Civil & Environmental Engineering x x
Computer Sciences x x
Data Center x
Electrical Engineering x x
Engineering & Technology Management x
Environmental Geochemistry x
Environmental Engineering & Science x x
Geochemistry x x
Geological Engineering x x x
Geology x x
Geophysical Engineering x x
Geophysics x x
Hydrology x x
Materials Science x x
Mechanical Engineering x x
Metallurgical & Materials Engineering x x x
Mineral & Energy Economics x x
Mineral Exploration x
Mining & Earth Systems Engineering x x x
Mining Engineering and Management x
Natural Resources and Energy Policy x x
Nuclear Engineering x x x
Operations Research with Engineering* x
Petroleum Engineering x x x
Petroleum Reservoir Systems x
Quantitative Biosciences and Engineering x x
Space Resources x x x
Underground Construction and Tunnel Engineering x x

Interdisciplinary degree with specialty in Operations Research with Engineering