Applied Mathematics & Statistics

Program Description

The Applied Mathematics and Statistics Department (AMS) offers an undergraduate degree in which students are exposed to a breadth of coursework in computational mathematics, applied mathematics, and statistics. In the senior year, students may choose an area of emphasis in either Computational and Applied Mathematics (CAM) or Statistics (STAT). Both options emphasize technical competence, problem-solving, teamwork, projects, relation to other disciplines, verbal, written, and graphical skills. 

In a broad sense, these programs stress the development of practical applications and techniques to enhance the overall attractiveness of applied mathematics and statistics majors to a wide range of employers in industry and government. More specifically, AMS utilizes a modeling "field session" to introduce concepts and techniques in mathematical modeling and the senior capstone experiences in Computational and Applied Mathematics and Statistics to engage high-level undergraduate students in problems of practical applicability for potential employers. These courses are designed to simulate an industrial job or research environment. The close collaboration with potential employers and professors improves communication between our students and the private sector, and sponsors from other disciplines on campus. 

Applied Mathematics and Statistics majors are encouraged to use free elective courses to gain knowledge in another discipline and incorporate either an Area of Special Interest (ASI) or a minor. This adds to the flexibility of the program and qualifies students for a wide variety of careers.

In addition to offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs, the Department provides the teaching skills and technical expertise to develop capabilities in computational mathematics, applied mathematics, and statistics for all Colorado School of Mines (CSM) students.

Primary Contact

Scott Strong
303 384-2446

Department Head

Greg Fasshauer, Professor


Mahadevan Ganesh

Paul A. Martin

Doug Nychka

Associate professors

Soutir Bandyopadhyay

Cecilia Diniz Behn

Dorit Hammerling

Karin Leiderman

Stephen Pankavich

Jennifer Ryan

Luis Tenorio

Teaching Professors

G. Gustave Greivel

Terry Bridgman

Debra Carney

Holly Eklund

Mike Nicholas

Scott Strong

Jennifer Strong

Rebecca Swanson

Teaching Associate Professors

Mike Mikucki

Ashlyn Munson

Emeriti Professors

Bernard Bialecki

William C. Navidi

William R. Astle

Norman Bleistein

Ardel J. Boes

Austin R. Brown

John A. DeSanto

Graeme Fairweather

Raymond R. Gutzman

Frank G. Hagin

Donald C.B. Marsh

Willy Hereman

Steven Pruess

Emeriti Associate Professors

Barbara B. Bath

Ruth Maurer