8.3 Research Faculty

8.3.1 Criteria for Promotion

Promotion in research rank at Mines for research faculty is based on the quality of a faculty member’s overall performance in research, service, and the likelihood of continued growth in their accomplishments and their professional reputations nationally and internationally. [The minimum qualifications for appointment to various research faculty ranks are set forth in subsection 4.4 above.]

8.3.2 Departmental Research Faculty Promotion Committee

The Departmental Research Faculty Promotion Committee reviews the promotion application taking into account the standards and practices of the candidate’s discipline. While it is the responsibility of the department head to facilitate the development of faculty in the department, candidates are encouraged to seek broader input and guidance from members of their Departmental Research Faculty Promotion Committee.

At the time of application for promotion, the Departmental Research Faculty Promotion Committee shall examine the Candidate's dossier and: (i) in relation to guidelines and criteria established by the institution, evaluate the Candidate's suitability for promotion; and (ii) make a written recommendation to the Department Head regarding the Candidate's suitability for promotion. The Departmental Research Faculty Promotion Committee shall determine the process followed in producing this recommendation.

For consideration of promotion applications from research faculty members, the Departmental Research Faculty Promotion Committee shall consist of the Departmental Promotion and Tenure Committee (defined in section 8.1.3) and all research faculty in that department with rank equal to or greater than the rank that the faculty member is pursuing. In Departments with fewer than one research faculty member at the required rank, the Department Head shall consult with the Departmental Promotion and Tenure Committee and the Associate Provost and select a research faculty member from another department. Non-departmental members of the Departmental Research Faculty Promotion Committee shall serve one-year terms and must be approved by the Dean overseeing the host department.

8.3.3 Promotion Application Process

At the time a promotion is desired, it is the responsibility of the faculty member, in consultation with his or her Department Head, to submit a formal promotion application with appropriate supporting documentation to Mines for promotion review pursuant to the process specified in paragraph 8.3.4 below.

8.3.4 Promotion Review Process

The following is an outline of the promotion review process for all research faculty at Mines:

  1. Candidates must submit applications (i.e., dossiers) to their Department Head. The dossier shall consist of a letter summarizing achievements, an extended CV, and evaluations from the previous three years. 
  2. The Department Head shall convene the Departmental Promotion Committee as defined in section 8.3.2, transmit the dossier to the committee, and appoint a committee member to chair deliberations.
  3. The Departmental Promotion Committee shall examine the dossier and prepare a written recommendation including the results of the vote that becomes part of the dossier. In the case of a split vote, the written recommendation(s) must reflect all viewpoints. The dossier shall be forwarded to the Department Head.
  4. The Department Head shall prepare a written recommendation that becomes part of the dossier. The Department Head shall share her/his recommendation and the recommendation(s) of the Departmental Promotion Committee with the Candidate. The Candidate may respond to the recommendations in order to correct factual errors. This response must be provided in writing to the Department Head within three (3) business days. This response shall be included in the dossier before being forwarded to the next level for review.
  5. The Department Head shall forward the dossier to the Dean(s) overseeing the Candidate’s department or departments in the event of a split appointment. The Dean(s) shall review the dossier and prepare a written recommendation. This recommendation is added to the Candidate’s dossier, which is then forwarded to the Provost.
  6. The Provost shall review the entire dossier and provide written notification to each Candidate of the results of his or her promotion application. Decisions shall be reflected in the official records of Mines. Any compensation adjustments resulting from a favorable decision shall be made effective at the beginning of the next academic year or at an alternative time if approved by the Department Head and Dean(s). Regardless of when the compensation adjustment is made, Candidates may begin professional use of their new status, faculty rank, and exercise the responsibilities of the new rank immediately.
  7. In the case of an unfavorable decision, the Candidate may appeal the decision pursuant to the Promotion and Tenure Decision Appeal Procedure set forth in subsection 8.5 below.