Space and Planetary Science and Engineering

Program Offered

Area of Special Interest in Space and Planetary Science and Engineering

Program Description

The Space and Planetary Science and Engineering Program offers an Area of Special Interest for students interested in the science, engineering, and exploration of space. This program brings together courses from several Mines departments and programs covering a diverse array of topics, including planetary science, astronomy, space physics, and the design of engineering systems for space exploration. The curriculum can be chosen from a list of approved courses, in consultation with an SPSE program advisor. Interested students should contact SPSE Program Director, Dr. Angel Abbud-Madrid, at

Since the advent of the space age in the middle of the last century, the pace of human and robotic exploration of space has been ever increasing. This exploration is made possible by feats of engineering to allow long-term operation of robotic systems and human explorers in the harsh environment of space. The product of this exploration is a large and growing body of knowledge about our neighbors in the Solar System and our place in the universe. The mission of the Space and Planetary Science and Engineering (SPSE) program is to provide students with a pathway for studying extraterrestrial applications of science, engineering, and resource utilization through an Area of Special Interest.

Director, SPSE Area of Special Interest

Angel Abbud-Madrid, Mechanical Engineering & Space Resources

Affiliated Faculty

Christopher Dreyer, Mechanical Engineering & Space Resources

Alex Flournoy, Physics

Leslie Lamberson, Mechanical Engineering

Derrick Rodriguez, Mechanical Engineering

Frederic Sarazin, Physics

Paul Sava, Geophysics

Matthew Siegfried, Geophysics

George Sowers, Mechanical Engineering & Space Resources Program

John Spear, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Neal Sullivan, Mechanical Engineering

Lesli Wood, Geology and Geological Engineering