Underground Construction & Tunneling

Programs Offered

Minor in Underground Construction and Tunneling (18.0 credit hours) and an Area of Special Interest (ASI) (12.0 credit hours).

Program Educational Objectives

Underground Construction and Tunneling is a growing discipline involving knowledge in the disciplines of mining engineering, geological engineering and civil engineering, among others. The Departments of Mining Engineering, Geology & Geological Engineering and Civil and Environmental Engineering offer an interdisciplinary Minor or Area of Special Interest (ASI) course of study that allows students from these departments to take a suite of courses providing them with a basis for work and further study in this field.

The objectives of the minor and ASI are to supplement an engineering background with a formal approach to subsurface engineering that includes site characterization, design and construction of underground infrastructure, including water, storm water, highway or subway tunnels and subsurface facilities.

Department of Civil & Environmental Eningineering

Marte Gutierrez, Professor

Michael Mooney, Professor

Department of Geology & Geological Engineering

Jerry Higgins, Associate Professor

Wendy Zhou, Associate Professor

Department of Mining Engineering

Hugh Miller, Associate Professor

Ray Henn, Adjunct Professor

Priscilla Nelson, Professor