Residence Halls

Housing & Dining

Room and board charges are established by the Board of Trustees and are subject to change. Payment of room and board charges falls under the same guidelines as payment of tuition and fees. Rates for the 2021-2022 Academic Year can be found by going to: Residence Life Rates.

Housing Application

Information and application for residence hall space is included in the packet offering admission to the student. Colorado School of Mines has a First Year Residency Requirement. All housing assignments are based on the date of the enrollment deposit with Admissions. 

After the first year, sophomore students are invited to live in our sophomore housing communities in Maple Hall and 1750 Jackson. Residence Life also encourages upper-class and graduate students to apply to the Apartments at Mines Park. Additionally, students associated with Fraternity & Sorority Life may apply for housing through Residence Life in partnership with Fraternity & Sorority Life (within SAIL). The submission of a room application for all housing areas can be done in Trailhead.

Contracts are issued for the full academic year and no cancellation will be accepted after an agreement has been submitted, except for those who decide not to attend Colorado School of Mines. Those contracts separately issued only for entering students second semester may be cancelled no later than December 1. After that date no cancellation will be accepted except for those who decide not to attend Mines.