Admissions Procedures


All Applicants

Documents received by Mines in connection with applications for admission or transfer of credit will not be duplicated, returned to the applicant, or forwarded to any agency or any other institution.

Timelines and deadlines for applications for undergraduate study are defined on the undergraduate Admissions website. Admission for any semester or term may close whenever Mines’ budgeted number of students has been met.

High School Students

Applicants are encouraged to apply online at Questions can be directed to the Admissions Office via e-mail:; or via postal mail:

Admissions Office
Colorado School of Mines
1812 Illinois Street
Golden, CO 80401

A student may apply for admission any time after completing the 11th grade. Announcement of when the application will open for a given term will be posted on the Colorado School of Mines website. The application will be evaluated upon receipt of the completed application form, a high school transcript showing courses completed, courses remaining to be completed, ranking in class, other pertinent data, and SAT or ACT test scores. High school seniors are encouraged to apply early in the fall term of senior year. Additionally, it is recommended that the ACT and/or SAT be taken during this term. In some cases, the grades or marks received in courses taken during the first half of the senior year may be required. Freshman admission is competitive. Applicants who are admitted are subject to completion of all entrance requirements and high school graduation.

Transfer Students

Transfer by Review

Undergraduate students at another college or university who wish to transfer to Mines should apply online at Review the Colorado School of Mines' Admissions web pages for guidance on recommended coursework and timing of the admission application. Generally, a transfer student should apply for admission at the beginning of the final semester of attendance at his or her present college. The application will be evaluated upon receipt of the completed application form and application fee, official final high school transcript (or GED), transcripts from each university or college attended, and a list of courses in progress. The Admissions Office will then notify the student of his or her admission status. Admission is subject to satisfactory completion of current courses in progress and submission of a final, official transcript(s).

Transfer admission is competitive

A  non-refundable application fee is required of all transfer applicants.

Guaranteed Transfer of Credit

Colorado School of Mines is a signatory to the Colorado Statewide Engineering Articulation Agreement. Beginning with admissions in 2003–2004, this agreement determines transferability of coursework for engineering students in the State of Colorado. All students transferring into Mines under the terms of the statewide agreement are strongly encouraged to be advised by the Mines Registrar's Office on their planned course of study. Credits earned more than 10 years prior will not transfer.

Additionally, Colorado School of Mines has formal transfer articulation agreements with Red Rocks Community College (RRCC), Front Range Community College (FRCC), Community College of Denver (CCD), Community College of Aurora (CCA), and Arapahoe Community College. Students are encouraged to review the articulation information at

Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and A-Levels

Course work completed for select subjects under the Advanced Placement Program in high school may be accepted for college credit provided that the Advanced Placement Program Test grade meets currently evaluated outcomes. Advanced Placement credit is evaluated by Mines faculty every two years and credit will be transferred upon receipt of official test scores. See current Advanced Placement test score requirements for transfer credit at:

Course work completed for select subjects under the International Baccalaureate Program in high school may be accepted for college credit provided that the International Baccalaureate Program Exam grade meets currently evaluated outcomes. International Baccalaureate credit is evaluated by Mines faculty every two years and credit will be transferred upon receipt of official exam scores. In some cases, departmental approval is required before credit is granted. See current International Baccalaureate exam score requirements for transfer credit at:  

Course work completed for select subjects within the UK system (A or AS Exam): A-Levels may be accepted for college credit provided the final grade meets currently evaluated outcomes. Generally, Advanced Levels (A-Levels) are reviewed on a course by course basis. However, some exams have been approved for the coming two years starting in the fall of 2016.  See current A-Levels exam score requirements for transfer credit at:

Declaration of Option (Major)

The curriculum during the first semester at Mines is generally the same across majors. Students are not required to choose a major before the end of the freshman year. All students must have declared a major by the beginning of the junior year.

Medical Record

A health history prepared by the student, a medical examination performed by the student’s physician and an updated immunization record completed by the student and the physician, nurse or health authority comprise the medical record. A medical record is required for full time students entering Mines for the first time, or following an absence of more than 12 calendar months.

The medical record will be sent to the student after acceptance for admission. The medical record must be updated and completed and then returned to the Student Health Center before permission to enroll is granted. Proof of immunity consists of an official Certificate of Immunization signed by a physician, nurse, or public health official which documents measles, mumps and rubella immunity. The Certificate must specify the type of vaccine and the dates (month, day, year) of administration or written evidence of laboratory tests showing immunity to measles, mumps and rubella.

The completed medical record is confidential and will be kept in the Student Health Center. The record will not be released unless the student signs a written release.


Colorado School of Mines is approved by the Colorado State Approving Agency for Veteran Benefits under chapters 30, 31, 32, 33, 35, 1606, and 1607. Undergraduate students must register for and maintain 12.0 credit hours, and graduate students must register for and maintain 9.0 credit hours of graduate work in any semester to be certified as a full-time student for full-time benefits. Any hours taken under the full-time category will decrease the benefits to 3/4 time, 1/2 time, or tuition payment only.

All changes in hours, program, addresses, marital status, or dependents are to be reported to the Veterans Certifying Officer as soon as possible so that overpayment or underpayment may be avoided. Veterans must see the Veteran’s Certifying Officer each semester to be certified for any benefits for which they may be eligible. In order for veterans to continue to receive benefits, they must make satisfactory progress as defined by Colorado School of Mines.

An honorably or generally discharged military veteran providing a copy of his/her DD214 is awarded two credit hours to meet the physical education undergraduate degree requirement at Mines. Additionally, veterans may request substitution of a technical elective for the institution's core EPICS course requirement in all undergraduate degree programs.

For more information, please visit the Veterans Services web page.