4.6 Probationary Appointments

Only tenure-track appointments at Mines are probationary in nature.  Exempt employees in non-tenure track appointments are employees at-will and, as such, are subject to termination at any time, with or without cause. However, in the case of teaching faculty whose appointments are non-renewed, such terminations are subject to the notice requirements and appeal rights provided in Section 9 below.

A tenure-track appointment is inherently probationary in nature for the full term of the appointment described in the faculty member’s employment contract.  At the conclusion of the tenure-track period, which under normal circumstances may last up to seven years, the employee has usually either achieved tenure or been terminated for failing to achieve tenure.  After the Preliminary Tenure Review has been performed, a tenure-track faculty member may be terminated for failing to demonstrate sufficient progress toward tenure.  However, tenure-track faculty members possess full grievance rights and retain their appeal rights in all cases of termination for cause other than insufficient progress toward tenure.  [The subjects of academic tenure and the tenure review process are discussed in subsection 8.1 below.]