Graduation Requirements

Graduation REGISTRATION and Checkout Requirements

To graduate, students must be registered during the term in which they complete their program.

An exception to this registration policy allows students to complete an early checkout by Census Day of the graduation semester if all requirements have been successfully met. Early checkout is accepted by the Office of Graduate Studies and allows students to graduate in a term, without registering:

  • if checkout is completed by Summer census to graduate in August or December and avoid summer & fall registration,
  • if checkout is completed by Fall census to graduate in December and avoid fall registration, and
  • if checkout is completed by Spring census to graduate in May and avoid spring registration.

Students not meeting these early checkout deadlines are required to register for an additional semester before the Office of Graduate Studies will process their checkout request. For additional information, refer to

All graduating students must officially check out of their degree program prior to graduation. Notification of the checkout steps will be sent by the Graduate Office after a student has applied to graduate in Trailhead. Checkout requirements must be completed by the established deadlines for each graduation term, whether early or standard checkout timelines are being followed. 

For detailed information on Graduation, please see the Graduation tab under Academic Regulations.