1.1 Purpose of Academic Affairs Procedures Manual

This Colorado School of Mines (Mines) Procedures Manual is published and maintained by the staff of the Provost. This Manual is not a repository of official Mines policies. Instead, it is a compendium of procedures and information that have been established to implement policy and facilitate operations in academic units under the general direction of the Provost. It is a living document that is updated as policy evolves, and as improved and more streamlined procedures are developed to implement policy.  The Mines Faculty Handbook is the legal document that sets rules and criteria on campus, whereas the Procedures Manual provides examples of those criteria. As such, if any conflict arises, the Handbook takes precedence. The Office of Academic Affairs welcomes constructive feedback on procedural improvements that facilitate interactions among the academic units of Mines and its administration as noted in Section 1.2.

A current copy of the Manual is maintained electronically on the Academic Policies website and academic units are encouraged to maintain an up-to-date hard-copy version of the Manual within their Office and to make faculty and staff aware of its location and function.

Last Revision:
October 4, 2022