1.2 Procedures Manual Modification Process

The Procedures Manual is maintained and controlled by the Office of Academic Affairs as its intent is to codify policy and procedures that implement, and in other ways supplement, those contained in the Faculty Handbook. However, the Provost and the Office of Academic Affairs acknowledge the need for transparency and broad community input regarding substantive changes made to the Manual. As such, the following modification process shall be utilized in revising the Procedures Manual.

  • Upon the final approval of all revisions to the Faculty Handbook, during the summer, the Vice Provost shall review the existing Procedures Manual to:
    • ensure compliance with revised Handbook language,
    • ensure that the content is current (e.g., hyperlinks, dated materials, etc.), and
    • develop new Procedures Manual sections that respond to needs identified by external constituencies (e.g., Handbook Committee, Senate, etc.) or Academic Affairs.
  • Campus is notified and the updated Procedures Manual posted by October 1 of each academic year.
  • Suggestions for revisions or corrections may be submitted to AA at any time through the Procedures Manual Request Form.

Last Revision:

April 1, 2024