6.2 Guidelines for Submissions of Promotion/Tenure Material

Governing Policies

Section 8, Faculty Handbook – Promotion and Tenure


For additional considerations on preparing an application package that includes information relevant to the various Committees, Department Head and Provost, please see Section 6.5 of this Procedures Manual.

Application package specifics conforming to the Faculty Handbook for each type of faculty are provided below.

Faculty seeking promotion and/or tenure should submit to their Department Head a promotion and/or tenure application package that includes the sections defined below. A faculty-complete draft of the dossier (before letters) must be reviewed by the Department Head two weeks before the Academic Affairs due date. This is to ensure the Department Head will be able to sign the memorandum (Section 2 of the dossier template) that will be included upon submission, stating that the dossier is clear and correctly formatted. Dossiers that do not meet these criteria should be returned to the faculty member prior to moving forward for improvements in organization or clarity.  The format of and submission date by which these materials should be submitted is communicated to campus by the Office of Academic Affairs prior to the end of the Spring semester. The candidate directly submits their dossier via a single email to Academic Affairs and the Department Head on the due dates on the Academic Affairs Calendar of Submissions. Candidates may submit an Addendum in early September (please see AA Calendar of Submissions for due date) with any pertinent updates to their dossier, such as new publications and/or funding, etc. This submission will not go to external letter writers, but will go to the DPT after the external letters have been received, before the DPT begins its deliberations.

Each application package must include, in the order given, the sections defined in the Package Template provided on the Faculty Resources page of the Academic Affairs website. Packages for consideration of promotion of Teaching, Research and Library faculty may exclude certain sections. Required and permissible package exclusions are as defined in the following table.

Faculty Type Package Exclusions
Tenure/Tenure Track None. All elements shown in the outline must be included.
Teaching Items 5c (Scholarly Activities), 5d (Publications and Presentations), 10 (External Evaluation Letters), 11b (Scholarly Achievements), 11c (External Fund Raising), and 11d (Student advising) may be omitted if not relevant.
Research Items 5b (Teaching and Related Activities) and 11a (Teaching Accomplishments) may be omitted if not relevant.
Library Items 5b (Teaching and Related Activities), 5c (Scholarly Activities), 5d (Publications and Presentations), 11a (Teaching Accomplishments), 11b (Scholarly Achievements), 11c (External Fund Raising), and 11d (Student Advising) may be omitted if not relevant.

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June 19, 2023