2.1 Annual Calendar of Deadlines/Due Dates for Academic Procedures

Governing Policies

Section 8.1.4, Faculty Handbook – Preliminary Tenure Review
Section 8.1.6, Faculty Handbook – Tenure Review Process
Sections 8.1.9; 8.2.4; 8.3.4; 8.4.4, Faculty Handbook – Promotion Review Process


Prior to the end of each Spring semester, the Office of Academic Affairs issues a calendar for submission of reports and recommendations for the coming academic year.  This calendar includes submission and process deadlines for Preliminary Tenure Review, Promotion and Tenure consideration, and application for emeritus status. Submission requirements for Preliminary Tenure Review and Promotion and Tenure are provided in Section 6 of this Procedures Manual.

The current Calendar for Submission of Academic Reports and Recommendations can be found on the Academic Affairs website.

Last Revision:

July 15, 2022