2.3 Alcohol at CSM Functions

Governing Policies

Institutional Alcohol Policy
Student Alcohol Policy and Procedures
Section 2.1, Financial Policies – Propriety of Expenditures
Section 2.9, Financial Policies – Alcohol Purchase 


As per the Propriety of Expenditures policy, alcohol may be purchased for Official functions, meetings/conferences for which fees are charged, or fundraising events. The purchase of alcohol may only be made from discretionary gift funds (i.e., discretionary foundation accounts). At all times, the purchase of alcohol must fall into the “incidental” expense category; purchases that can be considered excessive should be stopped at the Department Level.

Approval for the purchase of alcohol may be sought from the President, Provost, appropriate Vice President or Department Head. Approval is signified by approval authority signature on the alcohol purchase requisition.

Additionally, if alcohol is to be served at an event at which students will be present, prior approval for the event must be received from the Associate Dean of Students. Approval may be sought be submitting a Request to Serve Alcohol Form to the Associate Dean. Please note, that approval must occur no later than one week prior to the event. The Request to Serve Alcohol Form is available at:

http://inside.mines.edu/UserFiles/File/studentLife/StudentActivities/Documents/Request to Serve Alcohol Form.pdf

Last Revision:

December 16, 2019