4.1 Requirements for Conducting Formal Faculty Searches


Section 4.5, Faculty Handbook – Faculty Selection Process
Section 4.7, Faculty Handbook – Faculty Appointment Process


The following policy defines the process by which faculty and associated research titles can employed by Mines. If a formal search process is required, this process is conducted as defined in Section 4.2 of this Procedures Manual.

  • Tenure, Tenure-Track Faculty: All Tenure and Tenure-Track Faculty positions must be filled through a formal search process.
  • Teaching Faculty and Professor of Practice: All Teaching Faculty & Professor of Practice positions must be filled through a formal search process.
  • Chaired Visiting Professorships: All chaired visiting professorships must be filled through a formal search process.
  • Exempt Positions: All exempt positions expected to last for more than one year must be filled through a formal search process, except in those cases where the position holder brings the full funding. In these cases there can be no commitment, expressed or implied, from the institution. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is best known as the law determining the exempt or nonexempt status of jobs and overtime requirements. To determine if a job is exempt (not subject to overtime) or nonexempt (required to be paid overtime at time and a half), the FLSA uses a series of exemption tests; more information can be found on the FLSA website and there are also positions which can be exempted from the State Personnel System that MAPS will help clarify depending on hiring needs.
  • Adjunct Positions: Adjuncts can only be hired on a part-time basis (Note: definition of “part-time” is available through the Office of Human Resources) and a formal search is not required, although it may be conducted at the discretion of the Department Head. 
  • Research Faculty, Postdoctoral Appointments and Non-Chaired Visiting Faculty: Formal searches for research faculty positions and non-chaired visiting positions, whether for teaching or research, are required whenever the appointment is expected to last for more than one year. In cases where the timing of a contract requires expeditious appointment and when an individual has been identified, appointment can be made with an abbreviated search that includes formal consideration by the supervisor, the Department Head, and the Dean. Formal review at the end of one year is required for reappointment. Renewal of all research, non-chaired visiting faculty, and postdoctoral appointments after the first period is subject to satisfactory performance as determined by the Department Head.
  • Department Heads and Deans: The decision on whether or not to conduct external searches for Department Heads, Deans and other administrative positions, when filling from within the department, will be made by the Provost on a case-by-case basis.

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July 6, 2023