4.7 Guidelines for Appointing Faculty to a Position with No Remuneration

Governing Policies

Section 4.1.2, Faculty Handbook – Non-Tenure-Track Faculty Appointments
Section 4.1.8, Faculty Handbook – Non-remuneration Appointments


Nominations for non-remunerative (i.e., volunteer) faculty appointments are made upon the recommendation of the Department Head for the following faculty titles: Adjunct, Visiting, Visiting Scholar, Research Associate, and Affiliate Faculty. Please see section 4.1.2 of the Faculty Handbook for descriptions of the roles of each of these faculty titles. Non-remunerative appointments that involve faculty rank (e.g., Research Professor) also require a recommendation from an appropriately constituted Departmental Promotion and Tenure Committee and the Dean, like remunerated positions; such positions usually are created for tenure-line faculty who are arriving or leaving Mines.

Recommendations should be forwarded to the Vice Provost for final approval. When the office of the Vice Provost receives the request, it will send a letter to the faculty member. When the signed letter is received, the Vice Provost will send copies to Human Resources and the Department, as well as place the original in the faculty member’s file.

A background check is required for all non-remunerated faculty or staff that work directly with students, just as it is required for all paid faculty and staff.

Once a non-remunerated faculty member’s appointment ends, a separation form must be submitted to Human Resources, as with all other faculty.

As per Section 4.1.8 of the Faculty Handbook, all non-remunerated appointments are at most two-year appointments. Renewal of the appointment is available, but only upon the recommendation of the the Department Head (and the appropriate Departmental Promotion and Tenure committee and portfolio Dean, if required per above).

Last Revision:

July 6, 2023