4.4 Required Documentation for New Mines Faculty

Upon hiring, the following documentation should be submitted to Academic Affairs for all new faculty, including academic, adjunct, research, those with no remuneration, etc.:

  1. CV or resume
  2. Original, official transcript for the highest degree (required only for faculty with teaching duties).

These documents are required by Mines’ accreditation agencies.

Per Colorado Revised Statute §22-61-104, all Mines faculty and staff members who teach, with the exception of non-tenure track faculty and staff members who are employed to teach in a temporary capacity and are citizens of a nation other than the United States, are required to take the following oath or affirmation:

I solemnly (swear) (affirm) that I will uphold the constitution of the United States and the constitution of the state of Colorado, and I will faithfully perform the duties of the position upon which I am about to enter.

This oath or affirmation must be completed in writing prior to commencement of teaching and a copy of the signed oath or affirmation will be retained in the employee’s personnel file per Handbook 6.2.1.

Last Revision:

October 5, 2022