12.1 Athletics Board

12.1.1 Function

The Athletics Board shall deal with matters of intercollegiate athletic policy on behalf of Mines, including consideration of the effect of proposed changes in such policy upon athletic activities at Mines.

12.1.2 Membership

The appointed membership of the Athletics Board shall consist of the Faculty Athletic Representative and a presidential representative.  Additionally, the Athletics Director shall serve as a voting, ex officio board member.

12.1.3 Method of Operation

The presidential representative shall serve as chairperson of the Athletics Board.  The board shall meet upon the call of the chairperson as necessary for the proper handling of its business, but no less often than once during the fall semester and once during the spring semester of each academic year.  At least two members must be present at a meeting to constitute a quorum sufficient to permit the board to conduct its business.  A majority vote of members present at a meeting shall be required for any action taken at the meeting to constitute an official act of the board.  The board shall provide written reports to the President and the Provost on its general activities, specific policy recommendations, and other relevant matters from time to time, as appropriate.  All disputed procedural issues that arise regarding the conduct of the meetings of the board shall be resolved according to the most recent edition of Robert’s Rules of Order.

12.1.4 Method of Appointment

The Faculty Athletics representative shall be nominated by the Faculty Senate and appointed by the President.  The presidential representative shall be appointed by the President.

12.1.5 Terms of Appointment

The presidential representative shall serve for an indefinite term.  All terms of appointment to this committee shall be calculated on an academic year basis, rather than on a calendar year basis.