12.12 The President's Committee on Diversity

12.12.1 Function

The President’s Committee on Diversity shall be responsible for providing guidance and making recommendations to the President regarding campus diversity issues at Mines.  In fulfilling its role, the Committee will:

  1. Promote practices and activities supporting Mines’ Statement of Commitment to Diversity.
  2. Aid in the implementation of Mines’ annual Diversity Plan.
  3. Examine and review campus diversity issues as identified by the administration.
  4. Serve as an advisory body to the President and members of the Mines administration on matters pertinent to campus diversity and appropriately within the purview of the Committee.

12.12.2 Membership

The appointed voting members shall consist of representatives from the academic faculty, administrative faculty, classified staff, department heads, deans and undergraduate and graduate students.  Additionally, representatives from Mines’ Human Resources, International Student and Scholars Services, Minority Engineering Program (MEP), and Women in Science, Engineering and Mathematics (WISEM) Program offices shall serve on the Committee as ex officio, voting members. These representatives will be designated by the Directors of these offices.

12.12.3 Method of Operation

An Executive Committee will be elected from among the voting members of the Diversity Committee. The Executive Committee shall be comprised of the following executive officers: Diversity Committee Chair, Chair-Elect, Past Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Communication and Marketing Coordinator, and Programming Coordinator(s).  The executive officers will be elected by the members of the Diversity Committee.  In addition to the elected officers, the Special Advisor to the President for Diversity will serve on the Executive Committee as an ex officio, voting member. With the exception of the Special Advisor to the President for Diversity, Committee representatives must have served at least one year on the Diversity Committee to be eligible for election to the Executive Committee.  A simple majority vote of the present Diversity Committee members shall be needed for election, provided that the quorum requirement is satisfied. Elections shall be held at the end of the spring semester. 

The President’s Committee on Diversity shall meet once a month to conduct business.  Special meetings shall be called as necessary to address urgent business.  Fifty percent (50%) of the voting Committee members, including two Executive Committee members, must be present to constitute a quorum.  Committee members may be assigned to ad hoc groups and subcommittees for the purpose of handling special projects and campus events.

12.12.4 Method of Appointment

The Diversity Committee shall solicit nominations for membership annually each spring semester. Nominations may be solicited, as needed, from the Faculty Senate, Provost, Administrative Faculty Council, Association of Classified Employees, Alumni Association, the Undergraduate Student Government, the Graduate Student Government, and industries with interests in Mines’ areas of specialization.  Nominees must be approved for membership by a majority vote of the present Diversity Committee members at the meeting, provided that the quorum requirement satisfied.

12.12.5 Terms of Appointment

All Committee members shall serve two-year terms, with the possibility of reappointment by a majority vote of the Committee members.  All terms of appointment shall commence on May 1 and end on April 30 two years following the appointment.