12.11 Assessment Committee

12.11.1 Function

The Assessment Committee shall be responsible for guiding Mines in matters pertaining to assessment of the program educational objectives and program outcomes of its undergraduate and graduate programs. The committee may also support related non-academic activities as needed. In fulfilling its role, the committee will:

  1. Develop resources to support continuous improvement at Mines, such as best practices and recommendations for program-level assessment, example assessment plans, suggested roles for department assessment representatives, and professional development opportunities.
  2. Serve in an advisory capacity for academic units, providing guidance and feedback on assessment plans, assessment evidence, potential actions to support continuous improvement, and ABET program review.
  3. Inform the collection, reporting, and sharing of university-level data, collaborating with IR to identify and develop reports of relevant institutional data and guiding the development and use of university-wide surveys.
  4. Support the development and implementation of an institution-level assessment plan, based on institution-level student outcomes, including an assessment of the core undergraduate and graduate requirements, and in collaboration with other relevant groups on campus.
  5. Generate a periodic report of institution- and department-level assessment activities.

12.11.2 Membership

The appointed membership shall consist of the academic faculty serving as graduate and undergraduate assessment representatives from each department and the Senior Assessment Associate of the Trefny Center. One of the academic faculty members must be a Faculty Senator and shall serve as a representative of the Faculty Senate. Additionally, the Director of the Trefny Innovative Instruction Center, the Dean of the Graduate School, and the Dean of Undergraduate Studies shall serve as voting, ex officio committee members.

12.11.2 Method of Operation

The Senior Assessment Associate shall be the chairperson of the Assessment Committee.  The committee shall meet at least once per month during the fall and spring semesters.  Upon the provision of appropriate notice to the membership, special meetings may be called at any time by the chairperson.  At least five voting members must be present at a meeting to constitute a quorum sufficient to permit the committee to conduct its business.  A majority vote of members present at a meeting shall be required for any action taken at the meeting to constitute an official act of the committee.  All disputed procedural issues that arise regarding the conduct of the meetings of the committee shall be resolved according to the most recent edition of Robert’s Rules of Order.

12.11.3 Method of Appointment

The academic faculty committee members will be designated by their departments, based on their roles as undergraduate and/or graduate assessment representatives(s), and these individuals will be appointed to the Committee by the President. The Faculty Senate representative shall be appointed directly by the Faculty Senate, unless one of the assessment representatives already serves on the Senate, in which case this individual will serve as the Faculty Senate representative.

12.11.4 Terms of Appointment

The academic faculty committee members who do not represent the Faculty Senate shall serve while they act as assessment representatives for their department. As such, their terms of appointment may vary, based on department needs and structures, but are recommended to be at least 2-3 years. The academic faculty committee members will cycle off the Assessment Committee when their role as department assessment representatives ends.

The academic faculty member who represents the Faculty Senate, if not also a department assessment representative, shall serve for a renewable, one-year term.

All terms of appointment to the committee shall be calculated on an academic year basis, rather than a calendar year basis.