5.1 Academic Freedom

Colorado law vests the instructional power of Mines in its faculty.  In carrying out their instructional responsibilities at Mines, faculty members enjoy the right of academic freedom as it is generally defined and accepted in the academic community.  Mines’ specific articulation of academic freedom is set forth below.

Within the limits imposed by State law and Mines policy, and subject to the adequate performance of other assigned duties, all Mines faculty members enjoy the freedom to discuss in the classroom matters relevant to the educational mission, engage in scholarly activity, conduct research, and publish or disseminate the results of such work.  All Mines faculty members are free to speak and write on matters of public concern, as well as on matters related to professional duties and the functioning of the university. However, faculty members should be mindful that their position in the community imposes special responsibilities.  Academic responsibility implies the faithful performance of professional duties and obligations, the recognition of the demands of the scholarly enterprise, and the candor to make it clear that when one is speaking on matters of public interest, one is not speaking for the institution, nor does one speak for Mines in his or her private capacity.