5.7 Payroll Office Requirements and Information

5.7.1 General Payroll Procedures

Mines faculty members are paid on the last working day of each month.  Faculty shall have their pay deposited directly with a financial institution of their choice.  Federal income tax regulations require that all employees sign a Federal Form W-4, indicating the number of withholding exemptions to which they are entitled.  If a completed Form W-4 is not received, the Payroll Office will compute payroll deductions as if the employee were single, with no withholding exemptions.  State employee paychecks are also subject to Colorado State Withholding Tax and retirement system contributions.  Current information regarding Mines payroll requirements and procedures may be obtained from the Mines Human Resources Office or the Mines Payroll Office.

5.7.2 Proof of Employment Eligibility

Mines is required to comply with the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) and its associated regulations. IRCA requires that every person hired must provide satisfactory evidence to Mines of his or her ability to legally work in the United States. This evidence must be provided not later than the third business day after the start date of employment.  Individuals who do not provide such evidence in a timely manner cannot be allowed to work and their employment will be terminated.