5.6 Mandated Benefits

5.6.1 Workers' Compensation Insurance

Mines provides Workers' Compensation Insurance for any injury or illness incurred by its faculty members in the regular performance of their duties.  Additional information regarding this benefit may be obtained from the Mines Human Resources Office.

5.6.2 Comprehensive Liability Insurance

Mines carries liability coverage for itself and its faculty members, while acting in the course and scope of their employment. Such liability is limited by the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act, C.R.S. Section 24-10-101, et seq. Decisions about coverage are made by the insurance carrier on a case- by-case basis, based on the pertinent facts and circumstances.  There is no coverage for personal property or the operation of a state vehicle while on personal business. Current information regarding this subject may be obtained from the Office of Legal Services or Mines’ Risk Manager.

5.6.3 Retirement System Membership

All non-student employees of Mines are required to participate in the retirement system for which they are eligible.  Current information regarding these programs may be obtained from the Mines Human Resources Office.

5.6.4 Unemployment Insurance

All faculty are covered by unemployment insurance as required by law and administered by the State of Colorado.  Additional information about unemployment insurance is available from the Human Resources Office.

5.6.5  Medicare

All faculty hired on April 1, 1986, or later are subject by law to Medicare withholding taxes.  Additional information about the current Medicare payroll tax rate is available from the Human Resources Office.