5.2 Eligibility for Benefits

In general, faculty employed in Tenured or Tenure-track, Teaching and Named Faculty positions, and Research, Administrative, Library, and Athletics Faculty are eligible for benefits in accordance with the plan documents or certificates of insurance for each benefit.  These faculty are referred to in this Section 5 as “benefits-eligible” faculty.  Temporary Faculty (Adjunct Faculty, Affiliate Faculty, temporary Administrative Faculty, temporary Research Faculty, or temporary Athletics Faculty) generally are not eligible for Mines benefits, including leave benefits, except for participation in those benefits that Mines is required by law to provide.  Such mandated benefits may include participation in the retirement system for which the faculty member is eligible, Sick Leave, Unemployment Insurance, Medicare, and Workers’ Compensation. In addition, Mines provides access to health insurance in accordance with the requirements of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and its regulations for those faculty who are not Benefits Eligible as defined above. Non-remuneration faculty members are not eligible for Mines benefits, except for liability insurance when acting in the course and scope of their appointment. 

Benefit Type Full-Time*** Part-Time*** .5-.99 FTE Temporary**
Unpaid Leave X X
Annual Leave X* X*
Sick Leave X X X
Family Medical Leave X X X
Holiday Leave X X
Administrative Leave X X
Bereavement Leave X X
Jury or Court Leave X X X
Military Leave X X X
Injury Leave X X
Medical Disability Leave X X
Parental Leave X X
Health and Disability Leave X X
Parental Leave X X
Health and Disability Insurance X X
Dental Insurance X X
Vision Insurance X X
Life Insurance X X
Travel and Accident Insurance X X
Workers' Compensation Insurance X X X
Retirement System Membership X X X
Unemployment Insurance Benefits X X X
Medicare X X X