Applied Mathematics & Statistics

Degrees Offered

  • Master of Science (Applied Mathematics and Statistics)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Applied Mathematics and Statistics)

Program Description

The Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics (AMS) at Colorado School of Mines prepares the next generation of mathematical and statistical scientists to be leaders in a world driven by increasingly complex technology and challenges. Our department is at the forefront of research in mathematical and statistical methods that are used to address the opportunities and challenges of the future. The AMS department offers two graduate degrees: A Master of Science in Applied Mathematics and Statistics and a Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Mathematics and Statistics. The master's program is designed to prepare candidates for careers in industry or government or for further study at the PhD level. The PhD program is sufficiently flexible to prepare candidates for careers in industry, government and academia. A course of study leading to the PhD degree can be designed either for students who have completed a Master of Science degree or for students with a Bachelor of Science degree.

The AMS department is also involved in the curriculum of three different interdisciplinary master's degree programs: Data Science, Operations Research with Engineering, and Quantitative Biosciences and Engineering. Please view "Interdisciplinary Programs" for more information on these programs.

Research within AMS is conducted in the following areas:

Computational and Applied Mathematics
Wave Phenomena and Inverse Problems
Numerical Methods for PDEs
Differential and Integral Equations
Multi-scale Analysis and Simulation
High Performance Scientific Computing
Dynamical Systems
Mathematical Biology
Meshfree Approximation Methods

Geophysical and Environmental Applications 
Methods for Massive Data Sets
Spatial and Space-Time Processes
Functional Data Analysis 
Inverse Problems
Uncertainty Quantification

Primary Contact

Karin Leiderman

Department Head

Greg Fasshauer, Professor


Mahadevan Ganesh

Paul A. Martin

Doug Nychka

Associate Professors

Soutir Bandopadhyay

Cecilia Diniz Behn

Dorit Hammerling

Karin Leiderman

Stephen Pankavich

Jennifer Ryan

Luis Tenorio

Teaching Professors

Terry Bridgman

Debra Carney

Holly Eklund

G. Gustave Greivel

Mike Nicholas

Jennifer Strong

Scott Strong

Rebecca Swanson

Teaching Associate Professors

Mike Mikucki

Ashlyn Munson

Emeriti Professors

William R. Astle

Bernard Bialecki

Norman Bleistein

Ardel J. Boes

Austin R. Brown

John A. DeSanto

Graeme Fairweather

Raymond R. Gutzman

Frank G. Hagin

Willy Hereman

Donald C.B. Marsh

William Navidi

Steven Pruess

Emeriti Associate Professors

Barbara B. Bath

Ruth Maurer