Degrees Offered

  • Master of Science (Applied Physics)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Physics)

Program Description

The Physics Department at Mines offers a full program of instruction and research leading to the MS in Applied Physics or PhD in Physics and is part of interdisciplinary programs in Materials Science and in Nuclear Engineering, through which students can obtain both the MS and the PhD degrees.  The research in these graduate programs is supported by external grants and contracts totaling $6M/year.  Research in the Department is organized under three primary themes: subatomic physics, condensed matter physics, and applied optics.  With 23 faculty, 66 graduate students, and 225 undergraduate physics majors, the Physics Department at Mines is a vibrant intellectual community providing high-quality education in state-of-the-art facilities.

Graduate students are given a solid background in the fundamentals of classical and modern physics at an advanced level and are encouraged early in their studies to learn about the research interests of the faculty so that a thesis topic can be identified.


Lincoln D. Carr

Charles G. Durfee III

Uwe Greife

Mark T. Lusk

Frederic Sarazin, Department Head

Jeff A. Squier

Lawrence R. Wiencke

Associate Professors

Eliot Kapit

Timothy R. Ohno

Eric S. Toberer, Director of Materials Science

Assistant Professors

Daniel Adams

Serena M. Eley

Zhexuan Gong

Kyle G. Leach

Susanta K. Sarkar

Meenakshi Singh

Jeramy D. Zimmerman

Teaching Professors

Kristine E. Callan

Alex T. Flournoy

Patrick B. Kohl

H. Vincent Kuo, Assistant Department Head

Todd G. Ruskell

Charles A. Stone

Teaching Assistant Professor

Emily M. Smith

Research Associate Professor

Wendy Adams Spencer

Research Assistant Professors

P. David Flammer

Laith Haddad

Lakshmi Krishna

Lokender Kumar

Nitin Kumar

K. Xerxes Steirer

Professors Emeriti

F. Edward Cecil

Reuben T. Collins

Thomas E. Furtak

Frank V. Kowalski

John Scales

P. Craig Taylor

John Trefny, President Emeritus

Don L. Williamson

Associate Professors Emeriti

David M. Wood