3.13 Course Chargeout and Buyout


Section 6.1.2, Faculty Handbook – Teaching Assignment Guidelines

Faculty are eligible to chargeout of a course by charging their salary to a research grant in lieu of the regular source of funding. Faculty may seek academic chargeout to support research or other campus initiatives. Faculty need permission for a chargeout from their Department Head and Dean. Once approval is granted, an HR form will need to be submitted to payroll to reallocate the faculty funding from the department’s general operating index to the charge out index. Salary and fringe savings from General Fund chargeouts go toward Academic Affairs’ adjunct budget. The rate is 12.5% for the one-course chargeout, which means 87.5% of the faculty member's salary comes from the general fund and 12.5% from the grant.  The money left in the general fund can be used to hire an adjunct. Faculty cannot chargeout of their last course (they must teach at minimum one course per semester, and a student credit hour minimum may be required). Refer to Faculty Handbook Section 6.1.2 regarding teaching assignment guidelines. 

Course buyout occurs when someone has some source of money that is used to pay an adjunct to give teaching release to a faculty member. In this case the faculty member is paid their whole salary from general fund. Course buyout is for internal administrative arrangements, not something faculty instigate individually.

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November 11, 2022