3.2 Requests to Engage in Additional Professional Work

Governing Policies

Section 6, Faculty Handbook – Performance of External Work and Professional Activities
Section 6.4.3, Faculty Handbook – Procedure for Obtaining Approval of Additional Work


There are three types of additional work request forms:

  • Request to Engage in Professional Consulting Form (Handbook section 6.4.1 A);
  • Request to Engage in External Employment or Non-Remunerative External Commitment Form (Handbook sections 6.4.1 B and 6.4.1 C); and
  • Request to Perform Extra Mines Services for Additional Remuneration Form (Handbook section 6.4.1 D). 

These forms correspond to the type of additional work being sought as defined in the Faculty Handbook. These are available on the Academic Affairs website.

The approval process for additional work is defined in the Faculty Handbook, section 6.4.3. In following this process, the completed form, signed by the employee, their Department Head and the Dean (signifying approval), should be forwarded to the Vice Provost for review and approval if required by the Handbook. Approval for work that has already begun, or that has completed, will not be provided. The Office of Academic Affairs must receive the request for approval in sufficient time that a denial of the request will not put an undue burden on either the faculty member or the entity for whom the work will be done.  Faculty members are encouraged to request approval for all additional activity from their Department Head a full semester in advance. Academic Affairs will distribute final executed copies of the approved requests to both the Department and the faculty member. All forms must be completed on an academic-year basis.

If payment from Mines is due to the employee after completion of the work, the employee should complete an Additional Payment Request Form, which is available in the Mines Administrative Processing Services (MAPS) forms directory. This form is to be submitted to initiate payment by Mines for additional work when an individual is already an employee of the school.  After the work is completed, the employee should fill out this form, obtain the appropriate fund manager’s signature and submit it to the MAPS for processing.

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July 18, 2022