3.6 Summer Program Guidelines

Governing Policies

Section 6.1.5, Faculty Handbook – Summer Services


Early in the Spring semester, the Office of Academic Affairs will forward to the College Deans a request for offering courses, both regular and field, during the Summer I and Summer II sessions. The Deans will work with Department Heads to determine summer course needs and opportunities and return a list of proposed summer offerings back to the Dean’s Office by mid-March. Exact distribution and return dates are published in the Academic Affairs Annual Calendar of Deadlines as described in Section 2.1 of this Procedures Manual. The Dean will review these requests and approve based on the conditions defined below.

Regardless of term of offering (i.e., Summer I or Summer II), regular classroom offerings are treated differently – both in terms of requirements for approval and in terms of faculty compensation – than programs understood to be part of the institution’s field requirement. 

Regular Classroom Offerings

Regular classroom offerings will usually only be approved by the Dean if enrollment in the course is sufficient to cover the cost (i.e., both direct and indirect) of delivering the course. The Budget Office will provisionally approve a summer course offering based on enrollment estimates and early registration information. As the start of each Summer term nears, however, the Budget Office will continue to monitor enrollment and may cancel courses that were provisionally approved based on low student enrollment.

Faculty salary for summer courses is computed based on a faculty member’s academic year salary and the number of credit hours the faculty member teaches. Assuming a full-time teaching load for a faculty member engaged in nothing but teaching during the academic year is 8 (4+4) 3-credit hour courses, a faculty receives as compensation 4.1667% of his/her AY salary for every credit hour delivered. During the summer, maintaining this expectation, a faculty member’s summer pay can be computed as:

Faculty_Salary = Faculty_AY_Salary * Credit_Hours * 0.041667

A faculty member’s daily rate of pay during the summer may be computed from a faculty member’s daily rate of pay during the academic year (Faculty_AY_Salary / 185 days) as:

Faculty_Salary_Daily = Faculty_AY_Salary_Daily * Credit_Hours * 0.25691 (Summer I)
Faculty_Salary_Daily = Faculty_AY_Salary_Daily * Credit_Hours * 0.1927 (Summer II)

where Summer I is 30 days long, and Summer II is 40 days long. As the summer terms are compressed, however, faculty compensation calculated on a daily basis may not exceed a faculty member’s AY daily rate; unless approved as an overload. During Summer I, the summer daily rate exceeds the AY daily rate at credit hour delivery above 3.5 total credit hours. During Summer II, the summer daily rate exceeds the AY daily rate at credit hour deliver above 5 credit hours.

Below credit hour commitments of 4 and 6 credit hours respectively, faculty may also engage in other funded activities (e.g., sponsored research). The number of days available during the Summer for any other sponsored activity when the faculty member is teaching part-time in Summer I or Summer II is calculated using the formulas below:

Days_Available = 30 – Credit_Hours * 7.7083   (Summer I)
Days_Available = 40 – Credit_Hours * 7.7083   (Summer II)

Field Offerings

Unlike the classroom offerings defined above, field offerings are required components of a program’s curriculum that cannot be delivered at any other time during the academic year. As such, support for these offerings is formally budgeted and the Office of Academic Affairs does not use the formal criterion defined above to determine whether or not a field course is running fiscally in the black. The Dean will, however, work with the Department Heads to review and evaluate Field program budgets to ensure these offerings are run as efficiently as is academically possible.

Faculty salary derived from a field program offering is computed using the following formula:
Faculty_Salary = 1 / 185 * AY_Salary * Days_in_the_Field * Percent_Effort

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