5.4 Evaluation Procedures for Departmental Leadership

This section describes evaluation procedures for the leadership described in Section 5.3.  At the time of this writing, Mines is moving from OnBase to Workday, so the sections below will need to be updated in the future.

Department Head (DH)

The Department Head completes the Department Head Evaluation process in OnBase, attaching their Faculty Data Sheet they received from Institutional Research (IR) and submits in OnBase to their Dean by the deadline posted on the Academic Affairs calendar. Typically, these are due by the first week in April.

The instructions and resources for the Department Head Evaluation in OnBase form and process can be found on the Academic Affairs website. Prior to the end of the academic year the Dean reviews the material submitted in OnBase and evaluates the annual performance of each Department Head in their portfolio utilizing the OnBase Evaluation process.

Instructions and resources for the Dean evaluation process in OnBase can be found online on the Academic Affairs website. The Dean will submit their draft evaluation of each Department Head to the Provost via OnBase for their review and approval. Once the Provost reviews and approves the Department Head evaluation, they will return it to the Dean via OnBase. The Dean then schedules a meeting with each Department Head to discuss the evaluation of the Department Head’s annual performance. The Deans shall advise the Provost of any Department Head who receives overall evaluations of “needs improvement” or “unsatisfactory.”

Basis for Evaluation for Department Head Duties 

  • Faculty development and mentorship, including promotion and tenure success
  • Student success metrics (e.g., student completion rates, time-to-degree indicators, student publication activities, improvement of overall student outcomes, etc.)
  • Student and employer satisfaction with academic programs and services (e.g., student surveys, employer surveys, advisory groups)
  • Program resource stewardship (e.g., student credit hours/faculty, $s/research space, etc.)
  • Engagement in and alignment with university initiatives and activities (e.g., departmental participation in interdepartmental committees and working groups, departmental participation in cross-departmental research and educational activities, support of institution-level strategic plan initiatives)
  • Contributions to meeting programmatic and university goals and objectives
  • Effectiveness of departmental management (e.g., budget, scheduling, evaluations, etc.)

Other Departmental leadership

Associate Department Heads, Graduate Program Directors and Undergraduate Program Directors all complete evaluations as standard faculty, but should make clear under the “Service” section about their specific contributions in these roles.

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July 21, 2022