5.6 Professional Growth Plans for Tenure-Track and Teaching Faculty

Governing Policies

Section 7.2.1, Faculty Handbook – Professional Growth Plans for Newly Appointed Faculty
Section 8.1.4, Faculty Handbook – Preliminary Tenure Review


All tenure-track and teaching faculty are required to prepare a Professional Growth Plan (PGP) during the first semester of employment at Mines. The plan should be developed in consultation with the faculty member’s Department Head, and at minimum cover the period until the Preliminary Tenure Review for tenure-line faculty and for three years for teaching faculty.  PGPs are reviewed as part of faculty evaluations.  As such, the PGP constitutes an early step in the tenure and/or promotion process.

PGPs need not be voluminous. They should, however, be broadly modeled to parallel the content and section format of the annual evaluations, including major sections titled Teaching, Scholarship, and Service. The content addressed in each of these sections should be written such that it is clear that successful implementation of the PGP will naturally lead to strong annual performance evaluations and ultimately a successful tenure and/or promotion application.

The PGP should be transmitted to the Department Head by the deadline provided by the Academic Affairs calendar. The Department Head shall review the plan, and if necessary meet with the faculty member to discuss and modify the proposed plan. Once approved by the Department Head, the plan shall be transmitted to the appropriate Dean. Upon review by the Dean, the PGP shall be forwarded to AA and filed in the individual’s personnel file.

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October 5, 2022