5.2 Suggested Criteria to be Considered for Faculty Evaluation


  • Mastery of fundamentals in discipline
  • Contribution to undergraduate education (teaching and advising)
  • Contribution to graduate education (teaching and advising)
  • Effectiveness of relationship with students
  • Contribution to department educational goals and curricular development
  • Contribution to other educational programs


  • Breadth or depth of research
  • Mastery of current research methods
  • Creativity and quality of research
  • Effectiveness of graduate student research training
  • Contribution to basic and/or applied research
  • Quality of publications
  • Quantity of publications
  • Efforts to obtain grant and contract support for research
  • Success in obtaining grant and contract support
  • Success in obtaining support for graduate students

University and Public Service

  • Contribution to department affairs
  • Mentoring of tenure-track faculty, postdoctoral faculty and graduate students
  • Contribution to university affairs
  • Contribution to professional societies
  • Contribution to Diversity, Inclusion and Access efforts
  • Activities with government and/or industry
  • Contribution to public service

Other Work-Related Skills and Activities

  • Motivation
  • Imagination and creativity
  • Self reliance
  • Responsibility and reliability
  • Ability to make sound professional judgments
  • Ability to express themselves orally and in writing
  • Rapport with others
  • Leadership

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October 5, 2022