5.5 Course Evaluations

Online student evaluations of faculty effectiveness in teaching are conducted each semester, including the summer terms and eight-week parts of term.  Course evaluations are mandatory for all courses with enrollment of five students or more.  Only certain Canvas course roles are evaluated as part of the course evaluation process. These include "Instructor", "Lead TA", and "TA".  For courses that are team taught, all instructors and teaching assistants are evaluated separately. 

Formal course evaluations are conducted during the last 14 days of each sixteen-week semester and the last 7 days of eight-week parts of term. The Office of Academic Affairs will send notifications to instructors and students that evaluations can now be completed. Evaluations are made available via email links or through Canvas.

To ensure high response rates, Faculty are asked to:

  • Allow 10 minutes during class time for completion of the evaluations.  Although students can use their computers, tablets, or mobile devices to complete the survey by clicking an appropriate link, to ensure high submission rates it is recommended that faculty allow class time for evaluation completion. Academic Affairs will provide the links for each course to students in a separate email.  Links to evaluations are also available in the Canvas course menu in each class.
  • If classroom time is provided, the instructor should leave the room while the students complete the evaluation.

Evaluation results are available to Faculty and Academic Departments two days after semester grades are posted by the registrar.

In addition to the formal, end-of-semester evaluations, faculty are encouraged to use Canvas surveys for early and mid-semester feedback. Any evaluation feedback obtained outside of the formal, end-of-semester evaluation, is to be used by the faculty member only, so that he/she may engage in ongoing course improvement efforts.

Last Revision:

December 20, 2019