8.4 Board of Trustees’ Outstanding Faculty Award

The purpose of the award is to recognize a faculty member who has made a significant positive impact on student learning, with special emphasis on teaching outside the classroom.  Any faculty member as defined in the Handbook, who has been with the school a minimum of three years, is eligible for nomination.  The Awards Committee will consider the following factors:

  • Creative achievement, which contributes significantly to the breadth of the students’ classroom learning experience, for example: across-the curriculum teaching, teaching in multiple departments, or active learning applications.
  • Significant achievement made outside the classroom environment such as mentoring or other forms of student communication and encouragement and the active fostering of a learning community.
  • Developing and implementing practices that align with the state-of-art in higher education.

With the exception of the candidate CV, nomination letters should be no more than two pages in length, and must include of the following components:

  1. a statement introducing the nominee and touching on the nominee’s overall merits,
  2. a statement defining the significant creative achievements the candidate has made that contribute directly to the breadth of student classroom learning,
  3. a statement of activities related to achievements made in teaching outside the classroom,
  4. a statement defining the practices that candidate has developed and implemented that align with the state-of-art in higher education, and
  5. a candidate CV.

If requested by the Awards Committee, full dossiers for the candidate must include the following components:

  1. all nomination materials listed above,
  2. Department Head evaluations for the previous three years,
  3. letters of support from colleagues and students, and
  4. any other supplemental materials deemed relevant.

This award is not intended to be given each year.

The award consists of a plaque, $2,000 deposited into a faculty member’s professional development account, and travel support to national engineering education conference for $1,000.

Last Revision:

March 30, 2015