8.7 W.M. Keck Mentorship Awards

In connection with the W. M. Keck Chair for Professional Development Education and the Faculty Senate, the Office of Academic Affairs seeks to support and encourage the development and adoption of novel and effective mentorship strategies across campus.

Three Mentorship Awards have been established to recognize extraordinary mentorship activities that go above and beyond regular advising. Three awards will be issued; one for mentoring undergraduate students, one for mentoring graduate students, and on for mentoring faculty or staff members. Successful candidates may have developed new mentoring initiatives, assisted those that face significant challenges or are vulnerable, or created new pathways for growth and empowerment. Any faculty or staff member is eligible for consideration.  

The recipient will receive a plaque and a monetary award of $1,500 that goes into their professional development account.  The award winners will be recognized as part of the April Faculty Awards ceremony.

The nomination should include the following information and be no more than two pages in length:

  1. the name and position of the faculty or staff member who is nominated
  2. the award for which the nomination is made (undergraduate, graduate, faculty, or staff mentoring)
  3. the reasons why the nominee merits the award based on the award description above
  4. one paragraph to be used for the Mines' website, summarizing the mentoring achievements of the nominee

A selection committee will review nominations and make award recommendations to the W. M. Keck Chair for Professional Development Education.

Last Revision:

July 21, 2022